A Home for ‘M’ – One Man’s Journey from Floor to Door

Swindon Homeless Volunteers Success - 'M' Re-homed

On Thursday 22nd February 2018 Swindon Homeless Volunteers re-homed one of our homeless friends.

This is the first person we have helped off the streets and it’s only been two months since the launch of our group!


When we first came across our friend ‘M’ he was living in a tent, in the freezing winter cold on the streets of Swindon.
‘M’ had been homeless for months, unfortunately his life had taken a different direction and led him there through no fault of his own.

We started to visit ‘M’ regularly, providing him with food & drink, clothing etc… everything he could possibly need to make his life on the street that little bit easier.
We got to know him on a personal level and discovered that he was an ideal candidate to find a home. We tirelessly looked for the right property for him.

Our group were contacted by a lovely Landlady and we arranged to meet in person to discuss things further.
Everything has gone amazingly well since the first meeting between the Landlady, ‘M’ and Louise (founder of Swindon Homeless Volunteers)

The future is looking bright…

‘M’ has now moved into his new home and is settling in nicely.

We wish ‘M’ every success for the future and will continue to support him in any way we can.

Hopefully, with your help, we will be able re-home our next homeless person soon.
Please donate to our JustGiving Campaign or, to donate for free while you shop online join our easyfundraising cause.

Update [15/03/2018]…

It is with great sadness we report that our friend ‘M’ who moved into shared accommodation with our support a few weeks ago left after a night and left Swindon for a week.

The landlady said “Things didn’t work out through no one’s fault and ‘M’ chose to leave.”

We have, however, been in constant contact via phone & in person with ‘M’ since and continue to fully support him.
He needs accommodation by himself.
No money had been exchanged as the landlady wanted nothing up front.

Sadly there may have been false/misinformed information posted online.
If anyone has any questions or concerns ‘M’ will be happy to fill them in.
We will continue to support him as we always have.

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