About Us

We are a group of volunteers helping to look after the homeless people of Swindon.
Providing essential items, food & drink and someone to chat to.

We rely on donations and help from people like you.

If you’re not a member already please join our
Swindon Homeless
Volunteers Facebook Group

Please feel free to read about what we do and download our fundraising material…


What Do We Do?

We go on street walks, providing items paid for by donations…

tents, foil blankets, ground sheets, sleeping bags, quilts, hats, scarves, gloves, footwear,
toiletries, pillows, clothes, rucksacks, food, thermal flasks, drinks and more!

We hold exciting weekly raffles for as little as £1 with
prizes generously donated by companies and the general public.

We also support Culvery Court, an emergency homeless shelter.

Every day we get in touch with many businesses and spread the word to the general public
about our campaign hoping at least a few will be kind enough to help keep us going.

What Can You Do?

We are not funded by the government, so all funds are raised by ourselves.
We rely hugely on your help but not only in cash donations, we understand you have your
own homes and lives to support so we appreciate any help such as…

Donating any donation (even £1 can help make a difference).
Displaying our leaflet in a shop window.
Sharing links on social media to our Facebook group and JustGiving fundraising page.
Offering a raffle prize. (Even a bottle of wine or chocolates would help fill our raffle hampers).
Walking we are also looking for volunteers to join us on our street walks, to help us to
chat with and hand out items to the homeless.

Useful Links

Swindon Homeless Volunteers Facebook Group

Amazon Wishlist

JustGiving funding page


We appreciate any help even just displaying our leaflet in a shop window
or anywhere else you are legally allowed to put it!
Please Print, Display and Share!

Download A4 Leaflet

Sponsor Form

We’ve been repeatedly asked by people how their children can get involved, we listened!

The best thing is each child can choose what to do. Some children are doing sponsored silences, runs or walks.

We used to have sponsor forms in the 80s at school and they always made great money.
All proceeds will go into our JustGiving funding page.

If you’re interested in your child/children or even yourself getting sponsored for something and asking work colleagues friends and family to sponsor you, please download the form below:

Download Sponsor Form

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