We are a group of volunteers helping to look
after the homeless people of Swindon,
providing essential items such as
food, drink & support.

We rely on donations and help from people like you.

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We are fundraising to give Swindon's homeless a brighter future...

Help get our homeless off the streets and into accommodation with
professional support along the way.

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Mobile Phones – Keeping Swindon’s Homeless Connected

To some people it may seem strange, giving a mobile phone to a homeless person. They may be thinking… “They will just sell it to buy alcohol or drugs” …unfortunately this is a common misconception. We have been asked why Swindon Homeless Volunteers give mobile phones to some of our street friends and the answer…
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Who are Swindon Homeless Volunteers?

We are a group of volunteers helping to look after the homeless people of Swindon. We go on street walks a few times a week, meeting with homeless people we already know as well as finding people unknown to us. We provide essential items, food & drink and someone to chat to. We rely on…
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Swindon Advertiser: Free haircuts lift the spirits of homeless people

January 2018 Louise of Swindon Homeless Volunteers was made aware of a post on Facebook about the desire to organise some free haircuts for the homeless. She distributed leaflets to the homeless people she visits regularly around the town. Read the full Swindon Advertiser article here:  SwindonAdvertiser.co.uk – Free haircuts lift the spirits of homeless…
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